Neighbourhood Planning

Helping you shape the development and growth of your Neighbourhood Plan.

Committed to providing established expertise and support to meet community needs and priorities.

People and Places Insight have worked extensively with Parish Councils, Town Councils, National Government, Local Authorities, BIDs, Community and Town Partnerships and Neighbourhood Planning teams across the UK for the last 12 years.

Neighbourhood Plan Surveys

One of our specialisms  is the development, design, delivery and analysis of the all-important Neighbourhood Plan Survey.

Through a combination of workshops, training days, meetings and telephone support  we work with Steering Groups to produce a professional, valid and robust online and paper based Survey. The People and Places Insight Research Team will then take on all data entry duties before analysing and presenting the results in a user friendly report.

Consultation Statement, Regulation 15

Allied to the Neighbourhood Plan Surveys we can also produce  the statutory Regulation 15, otherwise known as the ‘Consultation Statement’. To ensure that you meet all the requirements we will;

• Conduct workshops with the Steering Group to map out Community Consultations, especially the harder to reach groups.

• Train members of the Steering Group in Consultation techniques. • Project manage the Community Consultation schedule.

• Help plan and deliver launch events, open events, focus groups and structured interview sessions with Community Groups.

• Work alongside appointed planning consultants.

• Produce the Regulation 15 documentation.

Over the last four years we have worked on Neighbourhood Plans in numerous locations, including:

We would be delighted to assist you with the production of your Neighbourhood Plan and would be more than happy to submit an Expression of Interest which sets out a full menu of support. We have found this approach allows for our clients to ‘cherry pick’ particular services in order to save budget and maximise resources.