Beyond Covid-19

Planning for your Recovery and Future. Adapting and Evolving post Covid-19.

Government guidelines concerning the recovery of Town Centres and High Streets from the impact of Covid-19 rightly assert the need to develop clear action plans based on evidence.

How we can help you…..
Here at People and Places Insight we not only examine the immediate impacts but also take a knowledge-based approach that looks positively beyond the current Covid-19 crisis.

We are proud to have produced the Revitalising Town Centres Toolkit and accompanying checklist for creating town centre recovery plans for the Local Government Association. These offer guidance to council leaders on how to approach the revitalisation of town and city centres and places emphasis on delivering long-term impacts and using broad principles that can be tailored to meet local needs.

As part of our support for looking beyond the Covid-19 crisis we offer a range of services which all provide a detached, impartial evidence base which gathers, measures and analyses data on your Town Centre. We review via a combination of audits, surveys and consultations:

How you use the information...

The customised, evidence-based reports provide a clear picture of a Town Centre’s performance enabling you to make informed decisions and identify potential opportunities.

Local Authorities, Business Improvement Districts, Town Councils and Partnerships have used the reports for many different purposes, including:

• Developing and Measuring Regeneration Projects

• Informing Funding Applications such as the Future High Street Funds

• Developing Town Centre Partnerships and Action Plans