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Signage Reviews

Whilst residents, workers and frequent visitors may not pay attention it is essential that the ‘first time/ infrequent visitors’ are provided with the relevant signage information to ensure that they can enjoy the retail, food, drink, leisure, car parking and cultural and heritage offering in the town centre.

The real aim of signage is to ensure the balance between promoting town heritage, leisure and cultural facilities, services and businesses. Thus, before embarking on providing new signage it is important to determine who it is for and its purpose. Too often signage in towns indicates civic buildings and local services which are of most value to local residents who probably already know how to find them.

It is important to indicate the location of key local services such as public toilets, post office, tourist information and heritage centre that can be used by visitors as well. Heritage and landmarks are important attractions that hold visitors in a town and encourage them to wander around it.

People and Places Insight boast a nationwide team of trained researchers who conduct fieldwork which is broken into specific elements;

  • As part of the Wayfinding process, a First Time Visitor is used to map a natural progression through the town centre.
  • Using the identified routes there is an assessment of all existing pedestrian signage within that route(s). The assessment is based on a standard form reviewing Visibility, Function, Need and Condition.
  • During the review of the whole defined Town Centre various action points such as new signage needed or signage to be removed are made. The details of this review are identified in the Miscellaneous section of the report.

The report is clearly structured and easy to use with recommendations made.

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