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Understanding Town Trends

Improving your town centre without first investigating the issues is like baking a cake without knowing the ingredients.

You can find out more about the approach we have taken as People and Places to help understand the ‘ingredients’ for hundreds of towns by reading the Top Tips published as part of the UK Government’s Great British High Street campaign.

Learn about how we have used this approach since 2012 to help ‘Our Bury St Edmunds’ BID track trends;  how the technique has been adopted by the Welsh Government to monitor its Vibrant and Viable Places programme across 14 communities; or how the understanding gained has underpins town team development, action planning and delivery in towns like Ballinasloe, County Galway.

To receive a free copy of a summary benchmarking study of town trends, simply provide contact details below and we’ll send you one.

Creating Talented Teams

Creating a talented and effective town team, partnership or BID, is one of those things where it’s obvious when you get the mix right but it seems hard to write down the recipe beforehand.

To learn about our approach to help forming or freshening-up ‘town teams’, read about our ‘F-factors for success’ recommended as Top Tips through the UK Government’s Great British High Street campaign.

This approach is integral to the new national guide on Revitalising Town Centres prepared by our sister company, the People & Places Partnership, for the Local Government Association.  For more detail contact chris.wade@people-places.net .town-team-planning

Practical Parking Solutions

Ask the businesses in any town centre about the issues that most perturb them and probably around half will say ‘parking’. Responses from customers will be less predictable depending on their needs and the parking provided.

To learn how to respond to these concerns and develop practical parking solutions for town centres, read our Top Tips. These are based on the ‘Between the Parking Lines‘ approach developed by People and Places Partnership Director, Chris Wade, as part of the Government’s Future High Streets Forum

We have now taken this understanding and combined with Park Consult Ltd. to offer a comprehensive and cost effective consultancy service on town centre parking for councils, business groups and parking providers.

Download a free guide about the People, Places & Parking Process to understand how it can help tackle this top, town centre issue. Alternatively contact chris.wade@people-places.net or telephone 07788 278126.

Planning for People

Our approach in ‘planning for people‘ is to help understand how issues like town centre retail and edge of town housing impact on each other and can be considered together. To stretch a metaphor, anything else would be like making a sandwich without thinking of the filling!

Through understanding town trends and stakeholder engagement, we create an action plan that can guide local delivery and achieve long-term strategic influence.  This action planning approach is integral to the new national handbook on Revitalising Town Centres recently prepared by the People & Places Partnership for the Local Government Association.

If you would like to learn more about how these different aspects of community-led planning can be brought together or to receive an example of a town centre action plan, contact Chris Wade on 07788 278126  or via chris.wade@people-places.net.

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