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Improving places in partnership

I set-up the People & Places Partnership to continue the work I led as CEO of Action for Market Towns for over a decade.  My passion is in applying my knowledge about what makes places tick and to be ever-more effective in helping communities to come together to help themselves.

For me this involves putting people at the centre of everything that affects the places where they live and work: to nurture local talents and leadership; to reach out and involve the wider community; to embrace collective working between businesses and factions within towns; to capture and share inspirational ideas.

So much can be achieved by sharing people’s experiences and expertise between places.  This is what motivates me to share thinking through the ‘Talk of the Town’ pages here, our social media presence, presentations and events.

I am lucky to be able to draw-on the talents of similarly enthusiastic partners to achieve this; including Mike King from our sister company, People and Places Insight, that specialises in research and monitoring.

Chris WadeChris Wade, Director
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Offering insights through evidence

I am hugely passionate about the work undertaken by People and Places Insight. I feel the services we offer, and the ethos in which they are developed and delivered, can help make localities better places to live, work and enjoy.  I do this by putting time in to research ad understand issues.

I like to understand places via on the ground research. I love nothing more than undertaking retail audits, interviewing business owners and local residents, mapping shoppers’ origin details or even standing in windswept streets the length and breadth of the UK completing footfall and car parking audits.

What makes People and Places Insight -and our sister company the People and Places Partnership- so different is that despite the huge range of work that we undertake, the client will always end up with very useable research which can be used to regenerate and revitalize the location. One of our reports is unlikely to gather dust on a shelf because we will deliver it in an interesting, informative and enjoyable style that engages with local people and decision-makers.

Mike KingMike King, Director
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For Starters

You don’t have to have technical know-how or even a track record to make a start in turning-around the place where you live. You will need tenacity, the occasional spark of inspiration, passion, an ability to build local trust and a team of similarly committed but differently talented people to work with. If you’ve brought these qualities together, here at People and Places we can share tried and tested recipes to help build a better place.

Self-help Services

The focus in all our work is on helping communities to help themselves to create long-term solutions. We do this by focusing on growing the talent and commitment from within. This involves getting local people out on the streets gathering facts and testing opinions, using self-help templates to understand the visitors’ eye view and providing guidance on how best to use such knowledge to influence authorities. This self-help approach also extends to sharing experiences from one community to the next.

Our Specialities

Our specialities are all about building firm foundations for the long-term revitalisation of communities and the people that depend on them. Through these specialities we focus on helping you understand the place by gathering evidence, building people in to talented teams, dealing with pressing problems like parking and linking the renewal of your town centre with a people-led plan for the wider place.

Delivering local solutions

Our work has two broad strands that we believe are essential to combine in effectively delivering long-term local solutions. These are creating and nurturing talented teams with a clear forward plan and devising and delivering action plans focused on bringing about change on the ground. We do this by developing local skills and bringing in specialist associates as necessary.

Roundtable reviews

Throughout all our work, we see the value of getting people together for a chat; usually over a pot of tea or coffee though we won’t rule out the offer of an evening beer. This can be done as an initial natter; a hosted roadshow where we put your community in the spotlight or an informal evening sharing study findings with stakeholders. Whenever we work in a community, we come back to review progress six months on by getting everyone back around the table.

Recipes for Success

If you’d like a free diagnostic chat that takes you through our ‘recipes’ for developing effective local partnerships or delivering successful town action plans, please provide your details here:

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