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Future High Street Fund Support | People & Places

‘Future High Street Fund’ support

The ‘Future High Streets Fund’ is the Government’s commitment to helping more high streets adapt and meet changing expectations, not just to survive but to thrive. With a fund of £675m, the Governments plan for the high street provides co-funding towards capital projects with the regeneration of town centres through innovative proposals around transport, housing delivery and public services.

People and Places Insight are best placed to assist applicants to set out the challenges and strategic approach required to regenerate their town centres, followed by the development of full business cases.

We can help you with:

Population and the wider economic area

Resident and workplace population, travel to work catchment area, town centre footfall, commercial space, retail activity, cultural activities, diversity of uses and social/ historical importance of the centre.

Setting out the challenges

Providing a clear description of the issues and challenges facing your area with supporting evidence, including:

  • Proportion and/or number of vacant properties
  • Openings/closures of commercial units
  • Diversity of uses in the town centre area
  • Resident/customer surveys
  • Pedestrian flows and footfall trends
  • Perception of safety and occurrence of crime
  • State of town centre environmental quality including provision of green spaces
  • Accessibility
  • Housing demands

Town centre vision and ambition for change

Assisting Local Authorities with setting out their vision for regenerating the high street and how this links with the challenges outlined.

Support for town centre vision

Providing details of support vision from other local stakeholders including:

  • Local Enterprise Partnerships
  • Business Improvement Districts
  • Private sector
  • Community groups

Further information is available by contacting People and Places at

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