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People and Places Insight are committed to providing established expertise and support to make Town Centres fit for the future.

We have worked extensively with Local Authorities, BIDs and Neighbourhood Planning teams across the UK for the last 11 years running the nationally acclaimed ‘Town Benchmarking System’.

Benchmarking is a tried and tested methodology with the backing of the Department for Communities and Local Government providing a detached, impartial evidence based approach to understanding the performance of town centres.

Aligned with the requirements to apply for funding in the Future High Street Fund, Benchmarking offers a review of;

  • Use Class
  • Retail Offer
  • Markets
  • Footfall
  • Car Parking
  • Business Confidence
  • Town Centre User Satisfaction
  • Shopper Origin

Recent feedback on Benchmarking Reports highlighted how they have been used for many different purposes including:

  • Measuring High Street regeneration projects
  • Measuring the impact of events and festivals
  • Providing an evidence base for funding applications
  • Providing an evidence base for car parking initiatives
  • Providing an evidence base for Neighbourhood Planning
  • Supporting community group
  • Developing project ideas such as Free after 3 Parking, Signage Reviews, Business Improvement Districts

One of the key benefits of Benchmarking is that the reports compare towns against all those in the region, nationally and of a similar typology as shown in the Retail Vacancy Average Chart below. We can also offer a longitudinal analysis.

National Small Towns
Regional Small Towns
Town A

Vacancy %

9 7 5


With over 300 tows Benchmarked over the last 10 years we have a huge bank of case studies available on request.

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